Announcing the Launch of Total Control® Lite

Introducing the Next Generation of Premium Multi-Room Integration and Control

- An excellent choice to control and integrate audio/video products and popular subsystems such as lighting, locks, climate and more

- URC’s Total Control Accelerator Expressway software allows fast and easy programming

- URC’s award-winning training team offers Accelerator Expressway certification

- Includes URC’s customizable graphics and auto-generated activities

- Affordable, entry level price point for an up to 4 room solution

Total Control Lite will be available through certified URC dealers


Multi-Room Wi-Fi Remote

  • Vivid 2” color LCD screen
  • Ergonomic design with backlit keypad
  • Live camera view
  • Pick-up sensor
  • Two-way feedback
  • Tabletop charging cradle

Spec Sheet


Single-Room Wi-Fi Remote

  • Vivid 2” color LCD screen
  • Ergonomic design with backlit keypad
  • Live camera view
  • Pick-up sensor
  • Two-way feedback

Spec Sheet

URC Mobile

iPhone / Android App

  • Free, unlimited mobile app use is included with the system
  • Features off-site control


Wired/Wireless IR Extender

  • Features four IR outputs and front built-in IR blaster
  • Small footprint makes it easy to hide 232

Spec Sheet


Network System Controller

  • Primary processor for IP, IR, RS-232
  • Capable of off-site programming and off-site control
  • Required for every project

Spec Sheet


IR Code Learning Device

  • IR Learner and Tester
  • USB-connected IR learner and testing device

Authorized Distributors

21st Century
AHA Distributing
Audio America
Blue Star Distributors
Custom Plus
Davis Distribution
DOW Technologies
Electronic Custom Distributors
Interstate Electronics
Mountain West
Pioneer Distribution
Pro Audio
Profit Line Distributing
Sierra Select
Snap One
Ultimate Integration
Wave Electronics

Training Info & Schedule


Total Control Lite: Distribution - (#TCD101)

This session is designed to introduce dealers to the products and programming that comprise Total Control Lite. Spend time with URC to review:

  • What Is Total Control Lite? (1.5 Hours)
    • Explain the features and benefits of Total Control Lite
    • Review the products and their capabilities
  • Programming Total Control Lite (6.5 Hours)
    • Learn the Accelerator Expressway Lite programming software that is used to configure a Total Control Lite system

Upcoming Virtual Courses


A collection of resources for URC Knowledge Base & FAQ.

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Programming Guide

Start programming your Total Control Lite system with this guide.

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Tech Support

Toll Free:800-901-0800

Tech Support hours for Dealers
purchasing through distribution:
9:00 am – 5:30 pm EST, M-F

Contact URC for more information at 914-835-4484